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HTTP Request Online

This site provides many tools to process (encode/decode) remote files and this is really handy. But sometimes there are problems because of servers that differently handle requests made by “non-humans”. To debug such cases, I started developing a simple tool that allows to send HTTP requests and see what the remote server returns. But in the end, I decided to develop and make public a wholesome online tool to test HTTP requests that will be useful for other developers as well.

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  • Giulio,
    Salve non riesco a capire come integrare questa chiamata api (che qui funziona) in una chiamata tramite vba excel potete aiutarmi ?
    Grazie in anticipo
  • GooseryG,
        URI parameter (HTTP GET) interoperation?
        E.g. https://base64.guru/tools/http-request-online?headers=User-Agent:%0AReferer:&version=2.0&method=HEAD
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