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Base64 Encode

The “Base64 Encode Online” tool is a free encoder that converts to Base64 any text, local files, or remote files (URL). Also known as a binary to text converter. It’s like a Swiss army knife that allows you to choose the output format, Base64 standard, and character encoding. In addition, you can copy the Base64 string to the clipboard or download it as text file with one click. If you are looking for the reverse process, check Base64 decode.

How to use the Base64 encode online tool

  1. Choose the source of data from the “Datatype” field.
  2. Type the text, paste the URL, or select a file from your computer.
  3. If necessary, select the Base64 standard used to encode the data.
  4. If necessary, choose the output character encoding of the text data.
  5. If necessary, select the desired output format.
  6. Press the “Encode to Base64” button.
  7. Download or copy the result from the “Base64” field.

Additional encoders

There are also some additional Base64 encoders that specialize in the encoding of a particular data type:

Comments (5)

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  • Martin,
    Thank you! Encoding remote files is my favorite option.
  • Josh,
    Although Base64 is not intended to contain sensitive information, your converter works 'on server side', and this is a bad practice (at least for me). It would be nice if you can convert your code to JavaScript (or make another offline version and works without internet). Please consider adding a 'client side' converter. Thanks! :)
    • Administrator,
      Hello Josh,
      Thank you for your comment. Special for you I published a simple Base64 converter developed with HTML and JavaScript. It is just one HTML file and you can run it offline. Feel free to adapt it to your needs.

      As for your concerns, I fully understand you. Of course, I would like you to trust me, but in fact the only guarantee is my honest word and the secure connection between you and this server. However, I do not recommend anyone send sensitive data to a third-party server.

      By the way, I chose to create a server side converter, because a client side converter will experience limitations and performance issues at least when decoding or encoding large values, Unicode characters, and remote files. In addition, developing code for a single stable server is much simpler than supporting dozens of browsers.
  • Werner,
    Pleas can you encode these

    What does these signs mean.I suppose these are not only IDs for Members but for locating the place/town
  • Hai,
    Is there any availability of Rest service type for the Base64 Encoding?
    Like if we send file to the url we need to get the encoded string in response....
    Is that type of service is available on internet?
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