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Base64 for Developers

I created this section for developers who plan to study Base64 and use it for their projects. Perhaps this section may be interesting for “regular” users who want to know what kind of magic works under the hood.

Technologies and programming languages that support Base64:

Of course, this is far to be a full list, but I will try to add new stuff as soon as I gather enough information about it. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited, so I will be grateful for any help to correct inaccuracies or add new goodies.

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I hope you enjoy this discussion. In any case, I ask you to join it.

  • Sarah,
    I am using your website as a source for a paper I am working on (school, not professional). I couldn't easily find an author name, beyond base64guru. Is that how you would prefer to be cited? If not, just let me know the name you'd prefer and I'll change it before submitting the assignment (which is due Monday, July 13). Thanks!
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