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Base64 Standard Detector

Depending on the task, the original Base64 standard was extended to various standards, which are often incompatible with each other. Because of this, data encoded in one standard may not be decoded using a different standard. I developed the Base64 Standard Detector in order to solve this problem and find out which standard was used to encode the original data.

Since it is impossible to accurately exactly which standard was used for encoding, it will find all possible standards that correspond to the submitted string. Please note that the Base64 decoder will automatically decode string regardless of the standard.

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  • PeterBuchele,
    PDF Test Convert
  • 217_126395126433,
    Please decode the following message-
    UBREG vfWhtcmSwMVBpATqNI/0ieSjn1zN7RQiP/sECHw6UDQU3UCtwBGpxsW+kyxagh3kgaJt8zIikOO8GEKjfODfQ==
  • Lesandro,
    Please decode the following message:
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