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Base64URL Decode

Base64URL Decode is a free online tool for decoding Base64URL values to original data. By default, it decodes Base64URL as plain text, nevertheless, it also supports binary data, such as images or other files.

If you want to encode data to Base64URL string, check the Base64URL Encoder. Or, you may want to encode data to Base64 using the online convertor which supports various standards.

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  • Stavros,
    Hello there,

    You may want to improve your magic base64 encoder / fixer by expecting JWTs!
    While I cannot post/give you mine (of course), you can find more details here: https://jwt.io/introduction/

    I suggest fixes by parsing either the beginning of JWT (ey...) or 3 dots (xxxx.yyyy.zzzz) or underscores and dashes (which can appear after the second dot), all any combination/all of the above!

    I rate the page 10/5


  • mRiDer,
    I am not able to decode this code , tried too muchh , but no use??
    Someone help me please..!!

    Code is here :-
  • Jose-Denison,
    Hello Admin I'm Newbie, and I came that your abrupt knowledge about steganography is very manly, so if you can and have time could you help me? I can't deobfuscate.

    !origin_ec?us-east-1"G0E x>EF�¯��ép��³¨d���½��h�ðx� �¢!¹�X�mæl�ü��1@ïE�.KM.a®¦õYr¸1R*��ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ207207219375">±[�¼��F�O`*ï¤�ñ���:��e|�[è±¾ %���¾[w�½�;þ5²à�¨ ��â¤ö¦Uç�n�V¥X� ³�>��¥ôA09[ål>¾�4�NX`7�(ì\t,���V¹G��&¨�°�¯º©v*�¬(�¹µæ�FggV�9�c�/¢�º�üð?¥�K�±\Z�EºëV� KâQ%�ô5���k�õðn!#�"[�ò�¥üs�¢�£d:õ�53�gDº}(ü*�5�soµmï���3ò#fP³�§°tü®��âPº��/�~nì6�_-O�¹âï��q72$d()å�¥7ÿI�â�¤%_3å=J�C¬tx�º� 7)î�§y©Kr@��æ���,`ô\~� �V4�6éLM�e��s�âcä8´w<�Q±?��m&N\d«�=�ÿ��~�b´¨�8¸H¶��\â9K¯��¡�¢à�¢`�AC)U�àNHpF=u2�¦ò�Vy�¸_��bL½��r«�^h>]Hä5a½¾��ø�64�ë>û¥�§�N¾�w2��êWFü��^äo=¤"��3�?`��wë�±�]"��mR}ö���BN�©�ä�kO±F-(��¡)��C��R�P� ©�2µ¼ê�ð�3p³vµ�tFLúD���ls[!U8�õM¤J�ak®��G4¾¥>øa,¯ÿ&�D�¶^k©�ì�è|�÷':��wl�f~·¿yfie}�ãþ)¤;î��,��ýFY¨W#ù>E��ZQ6¼M�uJ|V�9öJ���{¹�¢l�)�s���eó�ê {uýòVðµ}{¿ø5¨m继P±�h���ó~f�÷î3+f÷�0�ò«�:�X¶�»´�O�å=´¾ýB*�8�¾�jèø3r�©ªf5¾7xmN²�þfXk3�]üPD�F.T�£C-½�{æS¡Uà£j�uj��\��=¢l8X�K�N»¤£0�KìN�zD�hqû<{âjú�1�'�«$´X�pºwºò5Cò��J&3¦�qê¬<�äã���óJ¢ì&¯ì�E®ªî�9©ÿS`�mjücOxV�ô��W�~ï�ý��ó��²[£¨$�el�k¼*RrT������ow·ôî�ê«Z09�%S=P�,~ÿ
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