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Text to Base64

The “Text to Base64” converter is a simple encoder tool that allows you to convert online text to Base64 (that is, it encodes any textual characters into a basic ASCII string). If you need more features and better customization for encoding text to Base64, please use the Base64 encoder.

How to convert string to Base64 online

  1. Type or paste your text in the “Text” field.
  2. Press the “Encode Text to Base64” button.
  3. Copy or download the result from the “Base64” field.

How can I convert text to Base64 from a DOC file?

You can copy-paste text from your DOC file, but since this text to Base64 converter accepts only plain text you will lose any text formatting. Moreover, at decoding you will get a TXT file instead of DOC file. If this is ok for you, just paste your text into the “Text” field and press the “magic” button. Otherwise, if you want to keep the original DOC file, encode it to Base64 using the File to Base64 conveter.

Comments (18)

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  • iamvietnamese,
    This is very excellent! There are some text that I need to translate to Base64 but I can't find any "Text to Base64" around here. I think it'll be more convenient if we can translate from Base64 and from text in just one browser page.
  • GencOSMAN,
    146 364335414037403534 273443 44403943263634 284638373029 12644305856 62 5559 343730 3643354140372639383444453443 37103231263 173127 1324103211 WHAT DO YOU SEE ???
    • NikoDuBois,
      A brunette, a blonde, a woman in a red dress, I don't see the numbers anymore
  • The,
    Can anyone decode this?

    Good tool by the way
    • Milad,
      The Game
    • Danil,
      The Game
      thats the result
  • G_uet4352,
    Can you help me de-code this?

    hint: Try de-coding it a couple times
    • Administrator,
      Your hint already contains the solution ;)
    • Mr_Robot,
      Today I'm hoping that I get some manga! I really want some my hero academia or Naruto until Christmas!
  • aaa,
  • VeryCoolUsername,
  • Sub_To_Mad-Love,
    i typed Hello and get this SGVsbG8= and get this U0dWc2JHOD0= and get this VTBkV2MySkhPRDA9 AND I GET 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
    • Subscribe,
      LOL what a funny comment you send xD
  • Izzuan,
    Anyone can help me to decode this

  • ceano,
    I received this
    but it only translates to the text
    wq mxóó qe ebêéçêã, h qeú rã ãfluobu qóóãe
    Or to
    wq mxóó qe ebêéçêã, h qeú rã Ã£fluobu qóóãe

    Anyone has any idea what this is?
  • ThatOneNerd,
    i use this every day and hope that it won't get tagged on roblox
  • 123,
    can someone please decode this?

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