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PHP Base64 Decode

To convert Base64 to original data, PHP provides the base64_decode function. In PHP Base64 values are obtained using the base64_encode function. Decoding data is a fairly simple and fast process, but you need to be aware about some pitfalls. Speaking of pitfalls, first of all I mean the necessity to check boolean FALSE and enable $strict mode for unknown data.


  • base64_decode($data) - Strips invalid characters from $data, then decodes it and returns value as STRING
  • base64_decode($data, true) - Enables $strict mode and returns STRING if $data contains only Base64 characters


  • $data (required string) - The Base64 value you want to decode
  • $strict (optional boolean; default FALSE) - Specify TRUE to accept only valid Base64 characters

Return Values:

  • STRING - On success, it returns the original data (it can be either text or binary)
  • FALSE - If a failure occurs (if cannot decode $data), it returns boolean FALSE

Supported Versions:

  • PHP 4
  • PHP 5
  • PHP 7


  • PHP 5.2 adds $strict mode

Example #1 (print the result):

$b64 = 'Z3VydQ==';
echo base64_decode($b64); //-> "guru"

Example #2 (store the result in a variable and check for errors):

$b64 = 'SGVsbG8gV29ybGQhIQ==';
$str = base64_decode($b64);

if ($str === false) {
  echo 'Invalid input';
} else {
  echo $str; //-> "Hello World!!"

Example #3 (invalid type of $data triggers E_WARNING “base64_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given”):

echo base64_encode([]); //-> FALSE

Example #4 (the differences between the default mode and $strict mode):

echo base64_decode('What?!'); //-> "Z�"
echo base64_decode('What?!', true); //-> FALSE

For more info, check the following examples:

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